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The Northern Biosecurity Group (NBG) operates within the State Barrier Fence and covers the Shires of Northampton, Chapman Valley and the City of Greater Geraldton. The total area of the NBG is close to 30,000 km2 with various land tenures identified.


Our group is one of the 14 Recognised Biosecurity Groups (RBGs) that provide communities with the knowledge, skills and motivation to increase participation and provide opportunities to make their own decisions on plans and on-ground delivery for pest and weed management.


The NBG brings together local landholders, government and other stakeholders for a nil-tenure approach to increase coordinated pest management at a community level.


The NBG is a not-for-profit organisation, managed by a volunteer committee who are all local farmers within the community and is funded through a Declared Pest Rate that is paid by all landholders >100ha within the NBG region.


The money raised is only to be spend within the NBG region and is matched dollar-for-dollar by the WA State Government that provides a basis to build partnerships and networks, enabling communities and industry to work together on the shared responsibility of managing pests.



Anyone who owns or occupies at least 100 hectares in the NBG region is encouraged to become a full NBG member. Membership will give you voting rights at the NBG Annual General Meeting. Only members are eligible to stand for election to the NBG Board, to have a direct say on the group's strategy, Operational Plan and  priority declared pest control in the region.

Associate Membership is available to natural person, or representative of a public authority or other corporate bodies that has an interest in Declared Pest Management within the NBG – no voting rights.




The Northern Biosecurity Group objectives are to take a proactive collaborative approach to the facilitation of declared pest management within its community, utilising a coordinated effort across the region and by working with landholders, government departments, industry groups and neighbouring biosecurity groups to ensure efficient and effective pest management on a regional scale or where appropriate. Learn more about how the NBGs objectives and activities by reading the group's Operational Plan.

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